Head Mistress Desk

Mrs. Pushpa Sheraphin
Head Mistress

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Child is the prettiest gift of God. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s responsible citizens. They need to be brought up by skillful and talented hands. School is the first and the best medium where these toddlers bloom. Our school provides safe and robust platform in this regard.

The students are taught through modern scientific techniques with emotional security. A variety of indoor, outdoor activities & social industrial visits, healthy parents, teacher’s interactions are practiced for the successful grooming of these young ones.

The old concept of discipline was concerned with maintaining order. But, with time, the concept of discipline also changed. It is no more identified with orderly behaviour in classroom and other school activities because outward show of order can also be maintained by force or fear. That is not real discipline. Real discipline implies persuasion whereas order implies compulsion. It is, therefore, the school discipline should be the result of a gradual building-up of habits of self-control and co-operation.

As C.J. Kriffer says “Children can not be made good By making them happy They can be made happy By making them good"

The decency of life is the great cultivation that an institution can bring into the life of a student. The practical approach of imparting skills to get the top of profession is very important and necessary period of preparation and that any institution can be proud of. An educational system must not work on the brain, sure enough it has to sharpen it and it has to give it a skill, a vision, but eventually it has to give it a heart-where we know how to care, where we can extend this kind of care.

We, the school management and the teachers are paying sincere efforts to inculcate the qualities of head and heart among these blooming buds for their better future.