Education Facilators

School Assembly and Moral Education

To instill moral values in the students, the school starts its working day with a morning assembly, which includes recitation of devotional songs and a student’s and teacher’s on a variety of subjects and current events. The news by the Students are read out daily. The assembly disperses with singing of National Anthem.


Co- & Extra Curricular (CCA & ECA) Activities

House System

To create an atmosphere of healthy competition and team Spirit, most of the school activities are governed by House System, There are four Houses Viz.

  • Lajpat House
  • Bhabha House
  • Raman House
  • Tagore House


Blossoming on Inhabited Talents

We expose the children to hobbies like reading, singing Sketching, dancing, public speaking, etc. And ensure that discipline becomes a natural instinct of the children. Individual and consistent monitoring of every student enables student can excel. The teacher then group children with similar interests and inclination together and help them to nurse and cultivate their talents.



Art & Craft exhibition and Science exhibition are held twice a year. We send our students to compete in the Exhibitions Organized by other schools and they have been winning Prizes in almost all the competitions.


Parents-Teachers, Assn. Meet (PTA)

In order to establish a meaningful relationship between the school and parents, meetings are held at regular intervals to discuss the progress of  each student.

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